Environmentally-friendly sealant MERCURY-FREE POLYURETHANE with properties identical to those of conventional polyurethane.

Product properties and applications

  • Solvent-free, two-component, polyurethane-based sealant for the edge sealing of all types of insulated glazing units.

  • Adheres to glass and spacers without primer.

  • On account of its special rheological properties, it is ideal for both automatic and manual processing. The instructions provided by the machine manufacturer must be followed.

  • Can be produced with a shorter or longer pot life on request. 

  • In the case of coated glass, decoated glass, surface-treated spacers or substrates made of different materials, for example, compatibility tests must be performed.

  • Mercury-free polyurethane with application properties identical to those of traditional polyurethane.

Product characteristics

ColourComponent A: yellow to amber, component B: black
Units available220 litre container
StorageIn unopened original containers at room temperature
Component A: 12 months, component B: 12 months
SicherheitshinweiseBefore use, it is necessary to become acquainted with precautions and safety advice by reading the safety data sheet. The hardener component of EMCEPREN 200 is sensitive to moisture. Therefore, containers have to be kept properly closed and should only be opened directly before use. The machines and parts of machines being used must be airtight in order to prevent component B from curing prematurely. When the sealed insulating glass panes are installed at a later stage, only solvent-free, plasticiser-free sealants should be used. If there is direct contact with the edge bond, it is advisable to check compatibility beforehand. The same applies to coatings and other materials where there is a possibility of direct contact. 

Technical data sheets and safety data sheets

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