Thermoplastic insulating glass sealant. Special-purpose polyisobutylene for use with foam spacer systems.

Product properties and applications

  • One-component, solvent-free, polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic insulating glass sealant with no subsequent curing.

  • Significant softening when exposed to warmth.

  • The maximum final solidity is only reached after injection. A physical bond is created.

  • Very good blocking effect against water vapour, argon and sulphur hexafluoride.

  • EMCEPREN 80 IGS was specially developed for use with foam spacers, e.g. Triseal Superspacer®. It is easily applied with suitable polyisobutylene extruders of leading machine manufacturers and does not adhere to the guide units of the machines.

  • EMCEPREN 80 IGS is used as an internal sealant in conjunction with an elastic external sealant, e.g. EMCEPREN 200 or other sealants, for manufacturing multi-pane insulating glass.

Product characteristics

LieferformenUnits available
Storage3 years in the original container
Safety instructionsBefore use, it is necessary to become acquainted with precautions and safety advice by reading the safety data sheet. EMCEPREN 80 IGS is not classified according to the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance. Nevertheless, the usual precautions applicable to chemical products should be taken. When the insulating glass panes are installed at a later stage, only solvent-free, plasticiser-free sealants should be used. If there is direct contact with the edge bond, it is advisable to check compatibility beforehand. The same applies to coatings and other materials where there is a possibility of direct contact.

Technical data sheets and safety data sheets

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