Mercury-free PU sealants

At international level, political pressure to severely limit the use of mercury will (at least in the EU) affect the production of insulating glass units based on polyurethane sealants. We took steps to prepare for this some time ago. Our specially developed and mercury-free PU sealant, EMCEPREN 200, is already being used in series production.

In order to make polyurethane, you need two components: polyol and isocyanate. These materials are generally bonded together by means of a catalyst that regulates the speed of the reaction, i.e. the required curing time. Previously, the toxic heavy metal mercury was used as the catalyst. From 10 October 2017, however, five phenylmercury compounds that are still widely used as catalysts will be banned under EU Regulation No. 848/2012. 


  • Low viscosity
  • Good curing properties at low temperatures
  • Very easy to apply in combination with the Super Spacer®
  • Excellent adhesion on all spacers
  • Available with putty-like or liquid curing agent
  • Ecologically-compatible production