For reasons of ecology and economy, saving energy is becoming an increasingly important issue. Against this background, there is a growing demand for energy-saving thermal insulated glazing. The insulated glass edge seal with modern “warm edge spacers” is making a significant contribution to improving the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing the heat transfer coefficients of windows. 

ECI has extensive experience in sealants for insulating glass production. Our EMCEPREN 80 IGS and EMCEPREN 200 products offer the highest possible quality for manufacturing insulated glass with thermally optimised edge seals.

Our sealants for warm edge systems



EMCEPREN 80 IGS was specially developed for use with foam spacers such as Super Spacer® TriSeal™. It can be easily applied using suitable poly-isobutylene extruders from leading manufacturers and does not adhere to the machine guide units. 

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Solvent-free and mercury-free two-component polyurethane-based sealant for edge sealing of all types of insulated glass.

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Safety, durability & functionality

We work closely with manufacturers and even test our products together. This means you can be certain that our sealants will do the job and contribute to a smooth production flow.

Our products are tested against the latest European and national standards. We are also monitored by an independent body. That gives you and us the confidence that our products always meet the strict quality criteria laid out in the standard. 

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